1. Payment
To secure a booking a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the full hire charge will be taken. The total amount will be due 30 days prior to the start date of the hire period. If you fail to pay in full by 30 days and have not cancelled your booking with us in writing you will be liable for the full amount.
Payment must be made either by bank transfer or by cheque. We do not accept cash.

2. Cancellations and Amendments
All cancellations must be in writing.

If you cancel more than 14 days before the agreed hire date you will receive 50% of the full hire charge back. The 30% deposit is non-refundable. 14 days or less prior to the agreed hire date there will be no refund.
Amendments to orders can only be made before the final instalment is paid. The balance outstanding will be modified and a revised invoice issued. Once we have received full payment you may still make amendments however we will not be able to refund you any differences. If you wish to add more items costing more than originally invoiced, an additional invoice will be issued.

3. Refundable Security Deposit
A safety deposit will be required no later than 30 days before hire commences and no earlier than 4 months prior to your event. Deposits can be made by BACS or cheque.

The safety deposit amount will be decided depending on the items hired. This will be agreed in the hire contract

Cheques will not be cashed unless items are not returned or are returned faulty or broken. If the cost of repairing/replacing items comes to less than than the safety deposit a cheque/BACS transfer refunding you the un-used money will be issued within 30 days of the hire period ending.

If the safety deposit does not cover the cost of any repairs/replacements then an invoice will be issued for the outstanding amount and the hirer will have 14 days in which to pay. Un-cashed cheques will be returned to you within 14 working days following your hire period.

4. Items for hire
Many of the items are of a certain age and therefore may not be perfect. Rust, stains, fraying or fading may occur due to their nature. When items are delivered it is your responsibility to check items and sign the delivery note to say you are satisfied with the condition items are in and that all components are present.
Items are the sole responsibility of the client while on hire. Unattended products remain the responsibility of the client during the hire period. You will be liable to replace them with like for like if they are lost, damaged or stolen. We strongly recommend that you take out event insurance so you are covered if anything should happen to the items hired.

All items are risk assessed and assessed before and after hire. However, many of the items are old and therefore may not meet current safety regulations. We take no responsibility for any injury or damage our items may cause to persons, objects or premises while the items are signed out to you.

No items must be altered in any way. If we find an amendment has been made we will regard that item as broken and you will be liable to charges. Breakages will be charged at the full retail cost of replacement. If an item is damaged so it is no longer able to be hired it will be classed as broken. In the instance where an item is made up of a number of individual pieces and one of those pieces is broken or lost, the cost of replacing that item will be required. You will be informed of this cost within 7 days after the event.

If, for circumstances beyond our control, an item you have hired is no longer available we will inform you and try to match your item like for like. If you are unhappy with our choice a refund for that item will be made to you.

5. Hire period
All items will be hired out for a period of up to 48hrs unless otherwise agreed in writing. This period commences when items are signed out by you until signed back in by us. If you have contacted us to tell us you cannot return them on time we charge at 50% of the full hire cost for every additional 24 hours that the items remain signed out to you. If you have not contacted us we will charge 100% of the hire cost for every additional 24 hours the items are signed out to you.

6. Delivery and collection by us
When we deliver items we unload them from our vehicle to a your designated area discussed on arrival. It is your responsibility to move them to your desired location. There are certain hire items that we will set up for you such as the coconut shy, tin can alley, photo booths and bouncy castles.

Collection points must be pre-arranged and must be somewhere with good vehicle access. If your venue has difficult access and items are not packed away ready for transportation and returned to the pre-arranged collection point, you will be liable to the partial or full loss of your security cheque. (Please note waiting until the driver has arrived to collect items before moving them to the collection point is acceptable, and in poor weather, preferable).

Please allow one hour to check and sign for all items being delivered. We must have a name and at least two contact numbers for the person who will be signing for the items at least 7 days prior to the delivery date. If that person will not be present when the items are returned to us, they must provide a name, address and two contact numbers of the person who will be present.

We will arrive to collect the items at a time agreed by you and us within the 48-hour hire period. Please ensure all items are ready to be collected and in their designated collection point.

You may collect smaller items in person from our base however this is only through prior discussion with us. You are responsible for all safe transit and heavy lifting of all items.

7. Styling and set up
You will be responsible for setting up of items apart from some hire items like the coconut shy, tin can alley, photo booths and bouncy castles. We discuss this with you prior to booking
If you need help with styling your venue please do contact us as we can provide this as an extra service

8. Refusal and sub hire
We have the right to refuse to hire our items to anyone we feel will misuse items or who will be running an event that goes against our ethos. Under no circumstances can you sub hire our items.

9. Photography
Images of our items are for private use only. If items will be featured in any promotion or publication you must first receive written permission by us.

We may wish to take photographs of your event for our own marketing purposes. We will ask permission first and you have the right to refuse.

10. Complaints
All complaints must be in writing and will be responded to within 30 days.

11. Confidentiality
All personal details of customers will be kept securely for no longer than one year following the date of your event. They will not be passed on to any other party.

12. Copyright
All wording and images on our website and social media is Copyright to Rent Event.